Video: 'Uncle Sam' The Bald Eagle Gives Trump Smackdown, Hair Stays Intact

Wed, 09 Dec 2015 22:14:40 UTC by Jeremy Smith

Not much says 'Murica like Donald Trump with a bald eagle.

Trump met Uncle Sam, the meaningfully named 27-year-old bird, during a photo shoot for Time magazine's upcoming "Person of the Year" issue. Trump made the shortlist for the magazine's distinction, with Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel taking the top honor and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick as runner up.

The bird appeared to take an instant dislike to the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. During the shoot, Trump reached suddenly for a bottle of aspirin. Sam wasn't having it, and snapped and flapped his enormous wings at Trump, who recoiled. It's not clear if Uncle Sam mistook Trump's hair, in motion, for a living creature.

Trump took it in stride, later saying, "This bird is seriously dangerous but beautiful."


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